Mgcaswell sugar alcohol chelated calcium and magnesium

Water soluble fertilizer secondary nutrition


Sugar alcohol | Amino Acid | Double chelated

Packing: 1L, 5L, 10L

Calcium 150g/L
Magnesium 30g/L
Amino Acid 25g/L
Sugar Alcohol 200g/L
Molybdenum 0.015g/L
EDTA-Cu 0.6g/L
EDTA-Mn 1.5g/L
EDTA-Zn 0.3g/L
EDTA-Fe 0.75g/L
Proportion 1.59
pH(1:250 6-7

--What is MgCaSwell?

It’s double chelated liquid fertilizer, including sugar alcohol, amino
acid, magnesium, calcium. Mg & Ca play very import role in the
productive stage of all crops, but these 2 elements will be easily fixed during the absorption progress. Sugar alcohol is the only substance that carry magnesium and calcium in the phloem for rapid transportation. Amino acid makes the absorption more efficient, improve the fruit quality.

--How to use?

1. Dripping: 15-22.5L/ha, with 10~15days intervals
2. Flushing: 22.5-45L/ha, with 10~15days intervals
3. Foliar spray: 1L with 1000~1500L water, with 7days intervals,
increasing the dosage to 1L with 600~1000L water after flowering stages.

--Characteristics and Effects

1.Rich in a variety of amino acids and sorbitol, mannitol and other
complex sugar alcohols, calcium and magnesium ions fully chelated,? improve plant absorption and utilization.
2. Root application is not easy to fix, good mobility, promote root
growth effectively, prevent cracking, bitter pox, yellow leaves and
other phenomena, improve crop disease resistance and resilience
3. Complex sugar alcohols and amino acids can chelate nutrients with low activity in soil effectively, and improve soil nutrient and fertilizer utilization.
4.It can increase production effectively, improve product quality,
extend crop preservation period and storage period.


1. Can be mixed with most pesticides, but can not be mixed with copper, sulfur, oil emulsion or other strong alkaline pesticides.
2. Dissolve separately, then mix before use.
3. If you need specific crop application techniques, please
consult your local agronomist or agricultural technology department.

Open farm test report

Crops: Kyoho grage

Farm location: Leiyin Village, Chengdu city,

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