HyperPK highP highK water soluble fertilizer

Highly concentrated, monocrystal fully soluble P and K

HyperPK 00-45-45

Balance P&K | Highly concentrated

Packing: 5kg, 15kg

--What is HyperPK

HyperPK is the highly concentrated, monocrystal fully soluble P and K fertilizer. With banlanced PK ratio and no Nitrogen contain, the HyperPK becoming the well accepted PK source for most of the crops in the productive stage. It can be used in Hydroponics, Dripping system, Flushing and foliar nutrigation system.

--How to use?

1. Foliar spray: 1kg with 500L~1000L water.
2. Flushing: 75~105kg/ha.
3. Driiping: 45~75kg/ha.
Fully soluble P and K for all fertigated crops unddrip irrigation, sprinkler systems, pivots or jes. For fertigated greenhouses, vegetables, fruits and flowers in any growing medium, as well as in open fields and orchards.Highly efficient source of P and K for soluble NPK’s and liquid fertilizers.

--Characteristics and Effects?

1, 100% assimilable nutrients, ensuring total availability of phosphorus and potassium to the plant.
2, Chloride and sodium free, ideal for the most delicate crops.
3, Absence of nitrogen to give flexibility in N balancing.
4, White, fully water-soluble and practically free of impurities and residues. Quickly dissolves to a clear solution with no clogging of the irrigation system.
5, Eco-friendly: negligible amounts of heavy metals. No residual contaminants or hazardous residues.
6, Safe and easy to store and use. exclusive and proprietary technology.

Color Transforming Comparison

Specices: GAZA Sugar Orange
Method: Foliar Spray

HyperPK treated

Appicate time: 2018.10.15
Record time: 2018.10.22


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