Humi Power

Macro nutrition with humic acid fertilizer


NPK | Humic acid | Mineral source

--What is HumiPower

Humi Power is the solid type NPK with MINERAL SOURCE Humic Acid, designed with 4 different functions, all purpose(12-14-14+3HA), root development(18-10-10+3HA), follower boosting(10-20-10+3HA), fruits swelling(10-5-25+3HA).

Packing: 10kg, 25g

--How to use?

Top dressing, flushing, dropping irrigation, hydroponics, etc. Seedling period: 4-8 kg, middle and late growth period: 8-12 kg. After being completely dissolved in water, the application and the dropping irrigation are applied once every 10-15 days.
Note: This product can be mixed with most agriculture,and avoid mixing with strong alkaline agriculture. This product is easy to dissolve, easy to absorb and may cause agglomeration, but it will not affect the quality of the product.

--Characteristics and Effects?

1. Enhancing the physiological activity of crops, balancing nutrition,
activating the activity of enzymes, and improving the stress and disease resistance of crops;
2. Improving the soil environment, high resistance to Continuous
cropping, breathable water retention, and increasing ground
3. Promoting the development of roots and resist lodging.It has a good recovery effect on crops, weak seedlings and post-disaster remedies caused by environmental diseases such as environmental deficiencies and climate.
4. Improving production and quality. Increasing the photosynthesis of crops, bright color, sugar content, and extend shelf life.
5. Strengthening the ability of plant nutrient absorption and operation, increasing chlorophyll content and the accumulation of dry matter. It is the first choice for developing green agriculture, pollution-free agriculture, and increasing production and income.

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