Andatech Nutrition Program for Cucumber

Andatech Nutrition Program for Cucumber (Dripping Method)

Cucumbers are one of the most popular vegetables around the world and are packed full of micronutrients and goodness. Cucumbers are often eaten as a vegetable but they are scientifically considered a fruit as they contain enclosed seeds and develop from a flower. Greenhouse cucumbers require close monitoring of nutrients to maintain good health and productivity and the yield will be much better under certain soil and temperature conditions,
as soil pH6.8~7.2 and temperature: 19~22℃. This handbook will guide you to a better yield by using Anda products.

                                     Nutrition management schedule

Increase the productivty of Cucumber by Andatech

1. Topdressing with Volger Balance humic acid water soluble fertilizer when Planting stage, promoting root development and vegetative growth. Besides, AndaPro balance series contributes a comprehensive N-P-K nutrient for the whole vegetative stage. Meanwhile, MaCaSwell is also a good choice to meet the necessary Ca and Mg.
2. Volger High K to stimulate new roots and improve fertilizer utilization. High-potassium AndaPro15-15-30+TE fertilizer help to promote the conversion of nutrients into fruit and promote fruit enlargement. Meanwhile, it contributes to supply the necessary Nitrogen and Phosphorus for root and flower.Foliar spraying AndaFocus to promote flower bud differentiation and increase flowering and fruit setting rate. Also it’s necessary not only to pay attention to reproductive growth and yield increase, also the vegetative growth. In the
same time, trace elements should be added to the leaves to prevent early deterioration of the plants. In this period , foliar spraying Anda K-powder to enhances cucumber disease resistance to prevent the Angular Leaf Spot and other diseases caused by fungu

Releated Products

AndaMFA is a base fertilizer with Microbial Fungi-Agent, humic acid and organic carbon matters.
It can adjust the soil condition and build a better environment for root development. This product contains 60% of organic matter to increase nutrients in soil meanwhile improve soil granular structure, water retention and air permeability.

Volger is the special developed macronutrition with humic acid liquid products. With two main functions, supply the macronutrion and adjusting the soil environment at the meantime. Comparing to traditional Humic acid products, Volger is in lower pH and much safer to use, more over, it contains with NPK to make it more effective to promote the growth of plants

AndaPro is the advanced level soluble NPK fertilizers, with excellent water solubility, low heavy metal, free from Cloride and no residue. It was designed for wide range of dripping system for fruits and vegetables. Most welcomed version of all. And powered by pantent technology ATbooster, which can largely imporve the improve the resistance of crops to adverse conditions such as nematodes, root rot, cold damage and drought

KPower13-02-44 is the reformed potassium nitrate making it safe for transportation and suitable for most of the country’s regulation. With perfect N, K ratio to potato, and the NO3- form Nitrogen makes it more efficient to strengthen the plants and enlarge the turbers.

MgCaswell, It’s double chelated liquid fertilizer, including sugar alcohol, amino acid, magnesium, calcium. Mg & Ca play very import role in the productive stage of all crops, but these 2 elements will be easily fixed during the absorption progress. Sugar alcohol is the only substance that carry magnesium and calcium in the phloem for rapid transportation. Amino acid makes the absorption more efficient, improve the fruit quality.

Increase the productivity by dripping method.

With dripping irrigation, can increase water efficiency, the yield and reduce growth of weeds. Drip irrigation?will deliver water directly to the root zone of a plant. The water will seep slowly into the soil one drop at a time. You will see that almost no water is lost from evaporation or through water running off into other directions, rather than the plant you are actually trying to nourish. Some studies show that using a drip irrigation system can save anywhere from 30%-70% water compared to other methods of watering. plants watered with a drip system will grow more quickly, and are more productive. This is because they have all the water they need and the plant growth isn’t slowed by water stress. Another thing that drip systems can help avoid are fungal diseases, which often develop under moist conditions and occur when plants get too much water, and because drip irrigation delivers water directly to the plants you want to grow, less water is wasted on weeds. The soil between the plants will remain drier, which discourages weeds from sprouting. A study Yield
Response of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Crop under Drip and Flood Irrigation System shows how drip irrigation helps.