Caswell sugar alcohol chelated liquid calcium

Water soluble fertilizer secondary nutrition



Packing: 1L, 5L, 10L

What is Caswell?

Caswell is a more ideal source to supply Calcium to the plants. The
calcium is cheated by sugar alcohol, which is the only substance that
can carry minerals to the plant body, making the transportation faster
from the roots to fruits. In this way, it can efficiently prevent the fruits
from calcium deficiency symptoms.?

How to use?

Dripping: 30-50L/ha, with 10~15days intervals

Flushing: 50-80L/ha, with 10~15days intervals

Foliar spray: 1L with 1000~1500L water, with 7days intervals,increasing the dosage to 1L with 600~1000L water after flowering stages.

Characteristics and Effects

  • Rich in sorbitol, mannitol and other complex sugar alcohols, calcium fully cheated, improve plant absorption and utilization.
  • Root application is not easy to fix, good mobility, promote root growth effectively, prevent cracking, bitter pox, yellow leaves and other phenomena, improve crop disease resistance and resilience.
  • Complex sugar alcohols can chelate nutrients with low activity in soil effectively, and improve soil nutrient and fertilizer utilization.
  • It can increase production effectively, improve product quality, extend crop preservation period and storage period

Calcium deficiency symptoms

  • Fruits Cracking
  • New leaves dried and shrinking
  • Calyx dried& brown bud
  • Inside tip burn, bitter pit, blossom-end rot
  • New leaves margin yellowing
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