Andatech Nutrition Program for Carrot (Dripping method)

Increase the fruit quality and resistance

Carrots are a popular root vegetable planted worldwide, it is easy to grow as long as it is planted in loose, sandy soil.?And carrots can be grown year-round in greenhouses and indoors using hydroponics techniques. China is the Number one carrot producing and exporting country according to FAOSTAT.?Here is what you need to know?about planting, growing, and harvesting carrots in the Greenhouse

carrot nutrition program

Increase the productivty of Carrot by Andatech.

The recommended fertilization plan appearing in this document should be regarded as a general guide only. The exact fertilization program should be determined according to the specific cultivar,soil and water conditions,crop needs and the grower’s experience. Local field trial shall be carried out before giving detailed recommendations.?Carrots enjoy light, stone-free, well-drained, fertile soils, with plenty of well-rotted organic?matter. Rich sandy peaty soils are perfect in providing the best conditions for the carrot?roots to penetrate deeply and to bulk-up. It tolerates wide range of soils and pH but prefers?deep, well-drained, friable sandy loam types with pH of 6.5 – 7.8. Extremely sensitive to soil?salinity and crusting.Carrots are biennial plants, If you leave them in the ground, the tops will flower and produce seeds the second year. Normally, for commercial value,we harvest the taproot around 2 to 4 months ,depending on the variety.In greenhouse,we choose the fast maturing variety Nantes, which taproot can be harvested around 65 days after sowing. “Nantes”– Grown for both the commercial fresh market and processing. Roots are medium in length (6 – 7″), 1-2″ in diameter, cylindrical, generally with a slight shoulder and an abrupt, blunt taper. Known for excellent colour and quality. Up to 7
inches long, more cylindrical than tapered, sweet flavour.


Carrot Nutrion Uptake in different stages(Kg/ha.)

As it shows in the chart, Carrot is a heavy potassium
and calcium feeder. Potassium promotes solid, sweet
carrots and is crucial to high yield. Calcium supports carrot to build cell structure, good for the stability and permeability of cell membranes,
alongside potassium responsible for regulation of stomata and Gives plants more resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.Nitrogen uptake is slight lower than Calcium, as N is important component of enzymes, vitamins,
chlorophyll and other cell constituents,Essential for crop growth, Necessary for carotene synthesis and also for root colour, But excessive nitrogen will cause branching and hairy, fibrous roots. Phosphorus and Magnesium is required relatively lower rate. Phosphorus help with the energy storage and transfer,Nucleic acid formation,Protein synthesis,Cell membrane component and Carbohydrate metabolism;Mg Increases photosynthetic activity and maintaining good growth for high yields.

Total main nutrion uptake ra?o

Releated Products

AndaMFA is a base fertilizer with Microbial Fungi-Agent, humic acid and organic carbon matters.
It can adjust the soil condition and build a better environment for root development. This product contains 60% of organic matter to increase nutrients in soil meanwhile improve soil granular structure, water retention and air permeability.

Calead is the special developed Calcium and Magnesium source for Cavendish banana, of course, it can be used on other species, and the volume used should be reduced accordingly. And the No3- source of Nitrogen can easily be absorbed by plants, and highly promote the growth at the vegetative period.

HumiPower is the solid type NPK with MINERAL SOURCE Humic Acid, designed with 4 different?function, all purpose(12-14-14+3HA), root development(18-10-10+3HA), follower?boosting(10-20-10+3HA), fruits swelling(10-5-25+3HA).

AndaMax series is the Ultimate version of NPK soluble fertilizer. The raw material adopted is in the highstandard of EU Reach. With low heavy metal, chloride free, 100% solubility, and high-efficiency features, it was?developed on the mission to compete with the international brands by more acceptable price. Powered byATBOOSTER and DREDGE techlonogy, the AndaMax is the most powerful and effective NPK source to plants?ever.?AndaMax 10-10-40+TE in this program mainly focus on the Nitrogen needs at the vegetative period.

Increase the productivity by Greenhouse dripping method.

New, intensive growth carrot demand the?optimum-supply of water and nutrient?throughout the growth period. This was an?experiment carried out in 2005 by Jacek?DY?KO, Stanis?aw KANISZEWSKI to find out the?influence of surface and subsurface drip?irrigation on yield and quality of the carrot.(see below chart).

Data Source: Jacek DY?KO, Stanis?aw KANISZEWSKI Research Institute of Vegetable Crops Konstytucji 3 Maja 1/3, 96-100
Skierniewice, Poland Received: July 16, 2007; Accepted: October 26, 200

Reducing the chance of FRUIT DISORDERS occurrence

Black root rot of carrots is a nasty fungal disease that plagues gardeners around the world. Once established, carrot black root rot is difficult to eradicate and chemicals are of little use. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the damage and slow the spread of disease. Carrots with black root rot typically display a black or brown, decayed ring at
the top of the carrot, at the point where the leaves are attached. The disease results in wilting, stunted growth and carrots that break off in the soil when pulled. Carrot black root rot can affect carrots at any stage of growth. It can show up on seedlings, and may appear during storage, evidenced by decay and black lesions that can spread to healthy

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