Atbooster technology(ATBT) is a high-tech natural organic synergist independently developed by Shifang Anda?Chemicals Co., Ltd, a special fertilizer expert. The natural active organic matter extracted from more than ten kinds of?natural plants such as Polygonum cuspidatum, tea tree, spruce, etc., together with seaweed extracts, vitamin B, etc.,?making Atbooster rich in organic polyols, phenols and various instant small molecule organic substances. Atbooster can?be directly absorbed by crops, quickly supplying crop organic matters, stimulating crop growth and maintaining?robustness while regulating soil and rhizosphere.?

?It can be quickly dissolved under weak acid and weak alkaline conditions. The experimental results show that the?addition of Atbooster’s water-soluble fertilizer can significantly improve the fertilizer efficiency compared with traditional?water-soluble fertilizer.

Using natural and resistant plant extracts as potency factors, it can effectively improve the absorption efficiency?of different nutrients in different growth stages of different crops, and improve the resistance of crops to adverse?conditions such as nematodes, root rot, cold damage and drought. The ability of Atbooster special fertilizer synergist?mainly has five series, namely: root reduction disease series, low temperature reverse series, fruits color transforming series,?phytotoxicity recovery series, and seedling branch strengthen series.

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