What is ANDAMADE 4.0?

ANDAMADE 4.0 is the project aiming to provide special design services to all regions over the world, to?meet the needs of different growers with varieties of crops. We launched our own branded plant nutrition?products since 2007, after 10 years serving international brands. Till now, our products and plantation program?covering the whole China mainland with abundant experience over subtropical crops. We also developed?tens of patent technologies, including ATBOOSTER and DREDGE with an R&D team of 12 experts led by two?Doctors and three Masters.

Besides, nowadays, ANDATECH products serving the overseas growers in South-east Asia, Middle Asia with?high quality products and intime plant nutrition services. And we are still looking forward to enlarging our?cooperation network, to serve the people all over the world regardless of the nation, the color, and the?religion.

Moreover, we want to make the people in under deverloped regions have equally access to advanced?plant nutrition technology with acceptable cost

Develop for your crops.

We can provide with the most suitable formulation to your plants. For example, in your local system,?the formalution for tomato, as 06-06-40+TE is more welcomed than 10-10-40+TE, in your require, we can?produce in your require.

Exclusive rights obtained

To the specially designed products, we will also be running under ANDATECH brands, which meands, we will always be responsible for the quality and after-sales activity. The volume acheived by specially designed products can be also caculated into our annual targets.

Patent technology available.

Our partent technology, as ATBOOSTER or DREDGE, you can choose according to your market acceptance.

Low MOQ requirement.

Normally, the special design service requires high MOQ like full container or 10mt, in our?ANDAMADE 4.0 program, we will produce for you even it is 5mt or less.

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