Amino acid water soluble fertilizer

Polypeptide Amino Acid Liquid fertilizer


Polypeptide | Amino Acid | Liquid

--What is Yeahtime?

Yeahtime is the Polypeptide Amino Acid liquid fertilizer with trace elements of Zn & B. It was designed for foliar and dripping method. As we all known, the poplypetide amino acid plays an very important role in forming of the Nitrogen. This product is the 100% plants extract, pure organic. And can be absorbed easily by plants.

Packing: 10kg


Amino Acid: 100g/L min; Zn: 15g/L min; B: 5g/L min

--How to use?

Foliar spray: 1L with 1000~1200L water, in 10~15days intervals.
Dripping: 45~60L/ha. in 10~15days intervals, combined use with
AndaFocus is suggested.

--Characteristics and Effects

1.Derived from natural plants 100% Organic Source, extracted by means
of bio-enzymatic degradation to ensure the stability of L-amino acid and
the integrity of species to the greatest extent.
2.Containing plant protein hydrolysis, including peptides, oligopeptides
and a large number of free amino acids, can be directly absorbed and
utilized by plants, reducing plant energy consumption.
3.Multi-class amino acid complex can maximize the tolerance and
resistance of plants to various adverse weather conditions (such as high
temperature, low temperature, drought, hail, etc.); it can repair
damaged cells of plants. Relieve plant damage caused by fertilizers,
phytotoxics, diseases, etc.;

Field test comparison

11th, Sep. 2018, Penzhou, Sichuan?

28th, Oct. 2018, Shifang, Sichuan

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