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??? Shifang Anda Chemicals Co., LTD, headquartered in Shifang city, Sichuan province, China, founded in 2000, set it’s goal to reform Chinese Plantation from using traditional fertilizers to special water-soluble fertilizers. Through the past?years, the company has built several fertilizer production brands that received high reviews from clients, and has become?one of the most professional corporations which dominate the special fertilizer industry in South-west China.

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·2000-ANDACHEM was founded by President Xiang Chao’an as a raw phosphate materials supplier originally.

·2002-ANDACHEM moved its factory to the current location, and the corporate scale doubled.

·2006-ANDACHEM established the international department, and organized a professional team focusing on overseas markets.

·2010-ANDACHEM launched it’s water soluble fertilizer brand ANDATECH and marched to the domestic market.

·2014-ANDACHEM initiated its schedule to go public, and decided to share the corporate interests to outstanding employees.

·2016-ANDACHEM successfullylanded on the NEEQ stock exchanging market, code: 870358

·2018-ANDACHEM launched ANDATECH brand over international markets. And successfully built own branded distribution channels in Pakistan, Myanmar, Laos, Ukraine, Tajikistan.